Niching Is No Longer Enough


Standing Out From The Crowd

As a coach or a change-maker do you find you’re spending increasingly more and more time on trying to get clients, than on actually doing what you love while working with them?

It used to be that narrowing down your niche, and consolidating your branding, was enough to allow you to stand out from the crowd.  But I want to be honest and tell you that in an increasingly populated market niching is simply no longer enough.  I’m sorry if you’ve just put hours of time and energy into finding your niche – the good news is that it is not time wasted.  Niching is still important, but to truly get ahead of the game, you need to go one step further, and develop your uniqueness beyond where others have gone.

Becoming The ‘Go-To’ Super Expert

However good you know you are at what you do, your business will only truly grow when you find a way to showcase that to others, and the way to do that is actually rarely found in a killer-worded Facebook ad, or email series. So, rather than blending in with everyone else in your niche there are simple and straightforward steps you can take to allow you to begin being viewed as the expert in your field, and it’s not as difficult as it may first appear to quickly leverage yourself into the position of the go-to expert, being sought after for both your opinions and your services.

The most important thing is to bring about a totally unique twist to your offering that you can bring into your work with your clients, even if it traditionally has nothing to do with coaching.  It can be online or offline, as long as it’s something that will enable you to be seen as walking your talk in some way.

Developing a metaphor that you can use in your work in this way will get people noticing you straight away, and will soon lead to more clients seeking you out, and not just for the individual offering, but for the way it shows you to be a true leader who is not afraid to practice what they preach.  Just as mountain treks and fire dances have transformed my business, so you can create a metaphor based product that will work like a magnet, AND make you money.

Feels Scary

Working in this way can feel more than a little it scary.  Not only are you cutting down your potential clients to your niche, but you’re then also cutting down the percentage of those by who will be attracted to your unique offering – it can feel like you’re rejecting a huge amount of potential clients…. Maybe we could call this super-niching BUT, the thing is, your message will speak super directly to those interested in your new offering AND those not directly interested in it too.

“What?!” I hear you cry, but it’s true, even those not interested in your new offer will still be drawn to your work because of the way you walk your talk.

Afterall, it’s not rocket science to realise that in a business where authenticity rules, being seen to be actively authentic is quickly going to win you respect… and clients.

If you’re ready to stand out from the sea of competition, and go beyond niching creating your own unique offering, then we’d love to welcome you in the Hub.  It’s a community of like-minded coaches that I actively support and guide to walk their talk and develop their own truly individual offering – maybe see you there. If you click through now, you’ll get your first month free 🙂