If You Want Different Results In Your Coaching Business, It’s Time To Do Things Differently

As a coach you probably lead your clients through a process to enable them to do things differently all. the. time. But how often do you practice what you preach when it comes to your business?

Coaching is becoming an increasingly flooded market, and for many there is a real struggle to find clients… let alone good quality clients. In my recent blog post I looked at how niching was no longer enough to gain clients with ease, and how there was a growing need to stand out from the crowd in other ways to make your business work.  But it can take courage and BIG steps to create that.

The Problem With Super-Shiny Strategy

If your Social Media is anything like mine then as you scroll through you will encounter numerous shinies… What does that mean you ask! Let me explain…

Shinies are things that tempt us, things that appear to hold the hidden secret we are looking for… things that often prey on our insecurities and business fears.

I’m sure you are only too familiar with them – they tell you that they can teach you to make it to 8 figures by working only 2 hours a week. They tell you that they have the secret recipe to the success that seems to be eluding you.  They tell you that posting on Instagram will bring a flood of clients your way if done in their magical-formulaic way.

Shinies are often presented in a way that seems to make sense.  They may share their own personal journey of how the magic formula worked for them.  This, of course, will be more impactful if it includes how they were o-so-struggling in their own business before implementing their super-shiny-strategy.

Actually, It’s Bloody Hard Work

I hate to break it to you, but if something seems too good to be true, there’s usually a reason for it. So although there are lots of good products and courses out there that will help you build your business I’m sure, these shinies that tell you there’s next to no work involved, or it’s a guaranteed easy ride to success, are just preying on your scarcity.

There are lots of great ways to build your business – all of them will involve hard work. All of them.

Time To Take Your Own Advice?

So, if you’re working with your clients to enable them to start doing things differently, is it time you started following your own advice and found new ways to build your business too?  It might be hard work to begin with, but how about finding something you super-love that would help you build your business too?

This might start by creating some good quality content to send out through your social media to help you stand out as the expert in your field.  You could check out the 30 Day Blogging Challenge to get you started with this, but for me the most important thing you can do is carve yourself out as having a specialty that goes BEYOND niching.

Stand Out From The Sea Of Competition

My own business has been transformed by having very unique offerings that other coaches and change makers just don’t cover.  Female only mountain treks for International Women’s Day, and, of course, Firewalking, have enabled me to make sure I stand out from other people in my niche.

The great thing about this for me (as well as the fact it’s helped me grow my business) is that these are things I super-love doing.  So although it could be considered hard work, it’s also stuff that fires me up and makes my soul sing.

How about you?  What makes your soul sing that you could bring into your business too?

There’s so many things that are encompassed in our pirvate lives that we can develop and grow into amazing offerings for our clients – it doesn’t have to be adventure based either.  What do you do that helps you be grounded, mindful, or think outside the box?  All of these things could be of great service to your clients too.

A Little Support

If you’d like a little support to grow your business in a different kind of way, while avoiding the high ticket price shinies that fill our media feeds, why not think about joining us is the Coaches Success Hub?  It’s a safe space for coahces who want to stand out from the crowd, and work hard at building their business.  With resources, training, community AND peer support, it’s a great place to be for coaches that are ready to do things differently.