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Supporting Coaches, Legally

Coaches offer great business transformations, but if they don't protect their boundaries they quickly burn out. Coaches that don't have the right agreements etc in place quickly find their business isn't profitable and their life of freedom isn't what they thought it would be. Ouch. You don't have to be that coach. The Coaching Success Academy has partnered up with KoffeeKlatch, the top choice for freelancer contracts. If you are new to coaching, scroll to the end of the page and you'll find the basics. If you're an established coach check out the GDPR section below.

Would you like to be confident about how to handle GPDR?

Unless you like reading government policy documents or sitting in on long webinars which never get to the point, you are probably already confused about what you need to do and how you need to handle it.

Get your business on the right track for GDPR

Our dedicated Facebook group membership includes:

  • Videos and webinars designed to help you get your mind around the jargon and the concepts
  • Checklists and exercises you can apply to your business
  • Group support and discussions to help you as you implement the changes you need to make
  • Help to handle your data, your clients' data, and working with associates
  • Group working through GDPR issues and focusing on how you actually work
  • One year's membership of the dedicated Facebook support group - time to get ready and get started with the new rules
  • Access to other experts to help you including Jason Cobine (business insurance), Sarah Arrow (marketing), Christopher Head (legal supremo), Shelley Fishel I.T Training Expert, and many others! 
  • Regular email updates  to ensure you don't miss a thing! 

We've created unique groups around similar types of business so that you can get the benefit of support without paying for it all on your own. Members love how this gives them the most support around GDPR, This isn't about giving you a template and leaving you to get on with it! 

Current group prices vary depending on the industry with many starting from £60 + VAT for one years group access. 

Prices increase on a regular basis, so the best time to buy is right now!

GDPR Launch Countdown


What Our Members Say...

I LOVE THIS GROUP!!! My email has made him say 'this is super helpful, thank you. I think we need to look for a broader solution - stay tuned'. Yeah, that's right. 

I advise my clients on GDPR compliance. Whoop whoop! THANK YOU!! xx

Lucy Messaritis
Nixon Executive Support

GDPR is such a huge topic, this group guided by Annabel Kaye is breaking it down into manageable size pieces, giving structure and working with all the different elements. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and add their knowledge to the mix. We have audit forms to complete, blogs and videos to read and watch in our own time. I am really appreciating the collaboration and support.

Jacqueline Leake
Jacqueline Leake VA Services

Really finding the group useful, and it's making GDPR compliance that much easier to work towards. My only complaint would be (and I think this is more a Facebook issue) is trying to find information you know you have seen but now simply can't find.

Emma Bennett
EB Secretarial Solutions

Protect Your Coaching Business

When you start your Coaching Business you are so obsessed with helping your clients that you may forget to help yourself! Don't panic! Our Small Business Legals will help you protect your coaching business boundaries and save you heartache in the long run. 

From making sure you own the copyrights to seeing you get paid ontime, you'll love these coaching contracts to help you grow your business.