Coach, Are You Fed Up Of Blowing Your Own Trumpet?

When you became a coach, if someone had told you how much time you’d be spending on being a shameless self-promoter on social media, would you have done it?

When what you really want to be doing is spending your time using your speaking-therapy skills, and your training knowledge, to assist people to move forward in their lives and businesses, it can become a bit demoralising when it feels like you’re spending most of your time blowing your own trumpet in a hope that someone will catch on to what you have to say…. wouldn’t it be great if there was another way?

If you’re feeling fed up of business being this way, here are my top-tips to moving away from blowing your own trumpet, and starting to feel more positive about growing your business in a more comfortable way.

  1. Use Social Media is a more positive way, rather than feeling that you’re constantly shouting out about what you do, find some positive places to hang out on social media where you can still be moving towards your business goals.  Just as Facebook can feel like a demoralising drain, it can also be a place where you gain support, encouragement, and feedback.  I’m a member of both the Follow the Arrows and the Bigger Brighter Bolder paid Facebook communities, as well as our very own Coaches Success Hub, which is designed with this very thing in mind.  These safe spaces on social media are a must for anyone looking to grow their business without the pressure of most of the free groups which seem to soon become a selling free-for-all.
  2. Start putting out content that will be useful to others, rather than constantly focusing on what you have to offer (what you have to sell).  A great place to start with this is to think of the questions potential clients ask, and start writing about the answers.  One of the best ways to do this is through blogging – why not check out the 30 Day Blogging Challenge which will support you to get in the habit of this, and out of the habit of constantly feeling pressured to come of with different ways of talking about what you want people to buy from you.
  3. Join forces with others, rather than doing it all on your own. Interviewing, or, even better, being interviewed by someone else enables you both to reach each other’s audiences, as well as giving you some different content to put out to the world. When you’re chatting with someone else it can also feel a lot more natural, rather than salesy too. There are lots of great ways to do this, from on a podcast, to a Facebook Live – it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy to start attracting people. If you’re struggling to think of people you could do this with, then the Hub would be a great place to start to get to know others who could be just what you’re looking for.
  4. Walk your talk. One of the most attractive things to would be clients is to see that you understand the journey they’re on, and that you don’t just talk about it, but they are able to lead them to a place of least resistance when they’re super-struggling.  Selfies aren’t just about duck-pouts!  If you can get some pictures up and running of you doing what you love spending your time doing, that are also relevant to your business offering this will speak volumes to your audience, without you feeling like your promoting yourself at all… if you’re in doubt, you could check out my instagram.

Using social media well can be a great way of promoting your business, but if constantly blowing your own trumpet is beginning to be a bit of a grind, then the chances are it also is for the people who are seeing your posts – try some of these simple ways to turn it round for yourself, so you no-longer feel like a shameless self-promoter, but instead like someone who has something worthwhile to offer.