5 Books That Will Help Grow You And Your Business

One of the great things about being a coach is that when you read a really fantastic personal development book you’ll pick up some great ideas of new ways you may be able to serve your clients, and tips for them to try.

Of course, not all personal development books are really fantastic – here’s a few of my favourites (along with the Amazon link to make life easy for you).  Have you read any of them yet?

I’m really not a morning person (not at all!) but I do love the routine of The Miracle Morning and the clear simple ideas it gives to help you develop those routines into habit.  This book from Hal Elrod is really helpful, and accompanying journals are also available.

There are loads of books available of Mindfulness these days, but this from Mark Williams, who is credited for bringing Mindfulness to the Western World is still one of my favourites – it gets to the heart of what Mindfuless is all about, and gives great guidance in how to build up a pracitice.

Where are you setting your limits? And what’s stopping you from thinking (and believing) you could be achieving more? This book from Gay Hendricks will have you wondering why you’ve been playing so small, and imagining what you could be creating for yourself beyond your wildest dreams.

Learning to commuicate is key to so many of our relationships, in both business and our personal lives, so learning how to tell somone you love them in a language that will speak straight to their heart is priceless. Gary Chapman’s insights here are incredible.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I know Anthony… but that doesn’t make this book any less impactful, as well as practicle and helpful too.  It has great sections at the end of each chapter to help you keep on track as you go as well.

To keep track of these ideas for next time you’re looking for a good book you can pin this pic

I hope you’ll enjoy reading some of these books, as well as picking up some great ideas to help your clients grow and develop in the way they’re looking to.


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