How To Switch Off On Your Day Off

I love the entrepreneurial life my coaching and training business allows me – for most of the time I can work from anywhere in the world, still being totally present for my clients, available for enquires, and keep up with the news and views going on around me.

But just as the internet is the blessing that has enabled us to work in this way, it is also the curse when you want a day off.  Emails, Social Media, and the ability to ‘just quickly check in’ can make it incredibly tough when you want a day off… but it’s not impossible! What it does take is a little disapline and resolve on your part, but if you’re ready to enjoy your day off without the buzz of work in the background try this

5 Steps To Switching Off

Start the night before.

  1. Set the intention – Evidence shows that we wake up thinking more or less the same as we’ve been thinking when we go to sleep.  So if you’re excited about going on holiday, you’ll wake up excited, and if you’re fretful about a hospital appointment, you’ll wake up fretful.  So before you go to bed the night before your switch off day set the intention.  Make a commitment to yourself that this is what you’re going to do, write it in a notebook or your journal, and allow your mind to wander about what a

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    fab day it will be when you put your head on the pillow.

  2. Let others know – put an autoresponder on your email saying you’re not in the office (or not answering emails) and when you’ll be back. Post on Social Media, maybe in the Facebook groups you’re most active, but do it early enough that comments and responses to the post will come through BEFORE your switch off day.
  3. Hatch a plan – have a plan for what you want to do with your time. Down time that’s not planned can easily lead to you reaching out for a quick scroll through Facebook, so paln how you want to spend your time, including the quiet moments. My top tip would be to have a book nearby and commit to reading a chapter of that when you hit on a quiet moment between activities, but you could also phone a friend, or give yourself a hand massage, or….. (what’s your top 10 minute time filler?)

On the day itself.

4.  Switch the wifi and 4g off on your phone – ‘OOF!’ I hear you say.  But this is something I actually do for some time each day, and I cannot recommend it enough for giving you a bit of head-space. Your phone will still work for calls and texts, so you’re still available should the world decide to fall down, but you won’t have the constant ping and ding of the internet running in the background of your day. If I was to choose one thing on this list as the most important I’d choose this one, we’ve all become so dependant on our phones, but they are a constant disturbance to our peace-of-mind. I believe that being without our phones has become one of the number one fears of the 21st Century – do yourself a favour, and allow yourself to begin to break free.

5. Journal what you enjoy – if you’re anything like me then you probably actually quite enjoy your business, or at least many aspects of it… But what else fires you up?  Before you get to the end of your switch off day journal about how the day has gone.  Are there things you’ve particularly enjoyed?  Are there things that you really wouldn’t want to do again?  Was it a super challenge to allow yourself to have this day off?  Write it all down to allow yourself to fully connect with how the experience has gone for you.  Allow yourself to lean in to that so that next time you take a day to enjoy switching off you’ll have a better idea of how you’d like to spend that time and why.

Say YES To You

As a 21st Century coach it can be super-tough to completely switch off on your day off, or even start to think that you really want to.  But a day away from it all can lead to renewed inspiration, and motivation, as well as a healthier head for you.


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