What if there was a way to create a profound & instant shift in your clients…

Would you be interested?

What if there was a fast and easy way to break through client barriers and give them a deep sense of achievement that they can anchor?  Would you like to know more?
Coaching is an incredibly powerful way to help someone achieve their goals. Helping someone through the stuckyness and overwhelm to achieve great things are part of the reason you became a coach. You can’t imagine any other career being as fulfilling.

You were born to make a difference. However, some clients are stuck in ways that are tough to breakthrough if you don’t have these core skills…

Do You Say Any of These Things?


I don't know where to start!

For new coaches it can be overwhelming – which exercises do you do with the client and how to get them through their blocks. What if they say they want change but won’t? What do I do? Where do I start? What if there’s an easier way?

I don't know NLP

NLP is just one of many coaching tools. Not knowing it doesn’t give you any more of a disadvantage than not know how to drive. There are other ways to create a breakthrough with your clients. You don’t have to wait until you’re NLP trained

I don't have the time

I hear you! Whether you’re a new coach or an established one your time is a premium. In fact, you’ll love this Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching training because it actually increases your value in just 3 days!

You’ll Love Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching

Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching is the way to grow your business. You’ll discover powerful metaphors that enable your clients to literally break free of what’s holding them back. What’s more you don’t need to know the “thing” that’s preventing their progress. These techniques only require you to coach them through the process. The transformation takes place in their mind.
Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching is trained in just 3 days! This means you can start gaining a return on investment almost immediately. This is an incredibly fast way to add increase your skills and earning power simultaneously
It couldn’t be any easier to for your clients!  When you train as a Breakthrough Empowerment Coach you’ll be able to break through the invisible blocks that some clients refuse to share. This means it’s a step beyond NLP or  coaching “must-haves” in gaining results for your client
It couldn’t be any easier for you!  When you train as a Breakthrough Empowerment Coach you’ll spend 3 days with us at Missenden Abbey. Lunch and refreshments are included, and we encourage you to book accommodation nearby for the bonus evening activities.  Join us 8-10th of October for just your £395 deposit (total investment £1395).

You’ll become certified in…


Glass walking (or Ice Walking as it’s sometimes known) is incredibly powerful. You’ve heard clients talk about “walking on eggshells” to describe the fragility of some relationships. Glass walking empowers your client to be in the moment, to feel and then to adjust and move on. Something that they *know* they should do, but are stuck on. The glass walking metaphor enables you to work 1-2-1 or with a group to overcome hidden fears and deeper issues. The glass walking metaphor frees the client to achieve their goals and their fears no longer have a grip on their mind.

Arrow breaking

If your client can’t get out of their own way then Arrow Breaking is perfect. To place an arrow at the base of your throat and then break it means opening up to your vulnerabilities. Within minutes your clients will break free of the negative mindset and self-sabotaging behaviours. Arrow breaking is about emotional responses and you won’t be surprised when your clients want to keep their arrow heads as a symbol of their success!

Board breaking

As any high level martial artist will tell you – board breaking is an instant mindset win. You instantly refire your neural pathways for success. This powerful metaphor leaves the client feeling incredible as they realise they can break their limiting beliefs. Board breaking is a powerful way to free your clients from their past to achieve their goals.

What Others Say

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both Kat Beaver

British Army

We’ve really enjoyed all the activities. It was really well structured in terms of the way each activity onto another and we were able to take the learning from one onto the next activity. I think it’s given us individuals a chance to bond. Verity

Copas Partnership

The training content was outstanding. The tools, the skills. the space to reflect and work as a team and have fun. Participant

Ministry of Defence

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while similar courses will have you carry out an activity once, then tell you that you are qualified to lead others through it, we will ensure you have all the input and support you need to be qualified, competent, confident, and legal to take these activities forward with your clients.

step 1

take part in the activity yourself

Whether you’ve done it before, or this is your first time, we’ll guide you through your fear to enable you to take part in each activity for yourself.  There may be a few sweaty palms, and racing pulses in the room, but this is your chance to experience each activity as your clients might.

step 2

practice leading the activity with others

With our expert support and mentoring, you’ll have as much time and opportunity as you need to practice leading each activity to get you to a place of confidence to take these forward in your own work.

This is your chance to perfect your patter, and find out what works (and what doesn’t), long before you take these activities before the public.

step 3

guidance for practical application

Which is the best metaphor for which occasion? And what is the best way to present it to be most impactful for different groups?

We’ll make sure you have all the answers to enable you to plan your own events with confidence and ease.

step 4

legals and documentation

We’ll make sure you’re really clear about what’s legal, how to get insured, and what’s best practice.

This will then all be added to your personal online resource library which, along with a plethora of other information, you can refer back to as often as you like.

and to add to the super-value of training the training i have a gift or three for you...

All of these incredible bonuses come at no additional cost to you!

6 Months Membership of The Coaching Success Academy. Here you’ll find business support and guidance to help you build your thriving coaching practice. Value = priceless, but if you paid for it it would be £295 Bonus 1

Access to our incredible resource library. You’ll need information about insurance and other things after you’ve trained as a Breakthrough Empowerment Coach. Access to the Resource Library is usually £495 per year, but you’ll get your first year as our gift to you. You’ll save £495 AND love how you’re set up for success when you work with us. Bonus 2

A breakthrough session with Lottie Moore, the UK’s Leading Mindset Coach. This call, to be taken within 3 months of certification, is one of the hidden gems of Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching. Here you can brainstorm, strategise or simply pick the brains of a successful coach. Value = Priceless, but… Many people book onto the training sessions simply to access this bonus. If there was an opening (and there’s not) to work with Lottie in this way it would set you back £695. Bonus 3

That’s £1485.00 in bonuses as well as the incredible value that being a trained Breakthrough Empowerment Coach brings.

We reserve the right to withdraw these additional bonuses at any time. The best value deal is the one on the page right now. Book in and become a Breakthrough Empowerment Coach. Wow!

What Now?…

If you’re ready to say YES to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity apply below now for your chance to join us on our next Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Training programme – let’s work together to make this happen for you! The 3 days you spend with us will not only transform your clients but transform your coaching career. 

If you’ve reached this far and you feel you don’t know enough to make a decision, complete the form and pay your deposit. We’ll have a no obligation chat. If it’s not right for you I’ll tell you so. My goal is to train 500 Breakthrough Empowerment Coaches. This means it’s not for everyone. The Coaching Success Academy is about coaches growing their businesses successfully. Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching will grow your business by giving you the skills that enhance your coaching and take you beyond what you thought possible for your business and your clients..

The way I see it is there are two types of coaches… The first type of coach focusses on one particular method (maybe gaol focussed, maybe NLP) and thinks that it can “fix” everyone. They don’t grow their other skills. If you can imagine for a moment a bodybuilder who only works on their arms; the rest of their body looks funny. They have perfectly toned arms, but no abs or leg muscles to balance the well-defined look.

The second type of coach (maybe you?) wants to have a variety of skills to help their clients. If they were a bodybuilder they’d be the one that has well toned and defined muscles all over. They don’t just exercise and strengthen one area.

If you want to fully serve your clients and show them how to be in the moment, smash their barriers and not to be scared by their vulnerability there’s no better training to show you the skills how. And of course, we’ll teach you the why as we go through it with you.

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