If you’re reading this then the chances are that you are a coach or trainer that encourages their clients to step out-of-the-comfort-zone… But are you making this fatal mistake which is stopping you (and therefore your clients) reaching full potential?

When I was on a webinar about my Breakthrough Empowerment Coach training programme recently I shared the story of a coach I had met at a large expo earlier this year.  They were using the phrase ‘mountain top moments’ about what they offered, and had pictures of mountain summits all over their banners and stand.  Anyone who knows me will know that I love being in the mountains, and run women-only mountain treks as part of my offering here at Mindset Metaphors.  So I was really impressed to see this!

But when I asked what mountains they had climbed I was disappointed, to say the least when they told me they had never been on a mountain – they just talked about it!  What a fatal mistake for their business, not to be walking their talk. It made them stand out as being totally the opposite to successful, or someone that could lead others to mountain top moments.  Are you making similar mistakes in your business?

To stand out from the sea of competition, in a positive way, you need to be seen to be walking your talk.

It’s no longer enough to be seen getting great results for your clients, not being seen to be doing the stuff you talk about yourself, will be fatal for your business. Let me give you some examples…

Mike is The Time Doctor, he coaches people to make good use of their time and to get things done whilst being organised – he’s great at upping the productivity of his clients.  He’s even won awards for it.

But if Mike turned up late for appointments, was disorganised, or constantly procrastinating, word would soon get out that Mike didn’t practice what he preached – people would pretty quickly begin to realise that Mike was anything but a good example of what he claimed to create for others.

This would be the end of Mike’s business…Thank goodness this isn’t the case.

It’s the same for me – my speciality is taking people out of their comfort zone to enable them to create a lifestyle and level of success that is beyond limitations. I’m seriously good at what I do, to a point that I also train others to carry out a lot of the activities that I’m well known for.

So imagine if the only pictures of me on social media were of me sitting under a blanket drinking tea, or wine (preferably not together).  I’m not against those things, not at all!  But I’d soon get a reputation for expecting others to live life in a way that I wasn’t prepared to.

Instead, I’m seen to be walking fire, trekking mountains, even smashing concrete blocks with my bare hands – I regularly push my own boundaries, and therefore expect my clients to be prepared for the same.

So now, how about you?

If you’re a coach that’s talking about people going out of the comfort zone, facing fears, maybe having breakthroughs or living empowered lives, is this what people see when they see you?

It’s great if you’re getting fab results with your clients, but if you’re not visible as walking your talk it’s going to be the kiss-of-death for your business.

t’s the one fatal mistake that I’ve witnessed so many coaches making, and of course, if you’re truly passionate about what you preach, it’s not hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.  Here’s three simple steps you can take to check it’s not happening to you…

  • Ask others (not your mum) how they view your lifestyle (not your work)
  • Take a look through your instagram, or Facebook.  Are the pictures of you (actually you, not memes)representative of what you want to create with your clients?
  • Take time to sit and reflect on some of the key words you use around your work (breakthrough, smash through, uncomfortable etc) how do they actually resonate with you as stand alone words?

Being clear on what you are creating for both yourself and your clients, and ensuring it is congruent with the way you lead is the easiest way to avoid this number one mistake – it’s worth checking in with yourself regularly to ensure you are walking your talk 100%

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